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Welcome to my personal website. I’m an architect with an interest in programming, computer graphics and photography.

Here you can follow the development of my plugins for Vectorworks software, which I create in my free time. I started and keep on developing these plugins with a simple philosophy: accomplishing more with little effort. Their purpose is to help Vectorworks users to enrich their 3D models in a simple way, allowing at the same time the greatest flexibility through high parameterization.

Benvenuti nel mio sito personale. Sono un architetto appassionato di programmazione, computer grafica e fotografia.

Qui potete seguire lo sviluppo dei miei plugin per Vectorworks, che scrivo nel mio tempo libero. Ho iniziato e continuo a sviluppare questi plugin con una semplice filosofia: ottenere il massimo con il minimo sforzo. Il loro scopo è aiutare l’utente che lavora con Vectorworks ad arricchire il modello 3D in modo semplice, mantenendo un’alta flessibilità di utilizzo.

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The plugins

Plugins updates will be sent exclusively through the newsletter.

Below you can download some free textures and symbols that you can use with my plugins. You will find some free plugins too.

Gli aggiornamenti dei plugin verranno inviati esclusivamente attraverso la newsletter.

Nella sezione “Free resources” si possono scaricare texture e simboli utilizzabili con i plugin, oltre ad alcuni plugin gratuiti.


This plugin allows you to create a range of fairly complex hedges, espalier and topiary by drawing their plan, front/side views and their combinations. The user only needs to check for consistency between views. The number of polygons (leaves and/or flowers) can be freely set, up to a limit of 20.000 polygons (1 or 2 repeated symbols, low memory used and fast renders). The final object can be tilted along the X and Y axes to allow for slopes. Check the “Video & User guides” section to see the plugin in action and to understand how Foliage works.

Foliage doesn’t fill a 3D volume. As you can see in the video, it uses 2D figures (polylines) to create a real 3D volume. This is very handy to create fairly complex objects because you don’t need to use solid modeling. To create more complex volumes, you need to split the figure in more objects. Download here an example using 3 views (Elephant).

Questo plugin permette di dare forma ad una vasta gamma di siepi, pareti o sculture verdi abbastanza complesse attraverso il disegno delle relative viste in pianta, fronte/lato e loro combinazioni. L’utente deve solo assicurarsi che i vari disegni siano coerenti tra di loro. E’ possibile specificare liberamente il numero di poligoni (foglie e/o fiori) da utilizzare, fino a un massimo di 20.000 (il plugin usa 1 o 2 simboli ripetuti che occupano poca memoria e consentono render veloci). L’oggetto creato può essere inclinato nelle direzioni X e Y per adattarsi ad eventuali pendenze. E’ possibile vedere il video del plugin in azione nella sezione “Video & User guides” e scaricare la guida utente (in inglese) per capire come funziona il plugin.

Foliage non riempie un volume 3D. Come si può vedere dal video, utilizza delle figure 2D (polilinee) per creare un volume 3D. Questo metodo è molto comodo per la creazione di oggetti abbastanza complessi perchè non richiede nessuna modellazione solida. Per creare volumi più complessi, è necessario dividere la figura in più oggetti. Scaricare qui un file di esempio che utilizza 3 viste (Elefante).

Post on Archoncad Blog by Jonathan Pickup (first release known as “Siepe”)

Custom Beams

The plugin allows you to create two kinds of parametric beams: wooden beams with many ready-to-use profiles and extruded beams by drawing their section. A control point let you graphically choose the position where the beam will tilt and where it  will have the specified elevation. You can create groups of beams and – starting from v1.3 – choose among 3 types of different coverings: simple panel, secondary beams and fabric.

Download the User Guide from the dedicated section to understand how it works.

Il plugin permette la creazione di travi in legno parametriche con varie sagomature, o di qualsiasi altra trave estrusa disegnandone la sezione. Un punto di controllo permette in entrambi i casi di scegliere la posizione dove la trave si inclinerà ed avrà l’esatta quota indicata. Si possono creare gruppi di travi e – dalla versione 1.3 – scegliere 3 tipologie di copertura: pannello semplice, travi secondarie e teli.

Scaricare la Guida Utente (in inglese) per approfondire il funzionamento del plugin.


This object allows to easily create horizontal/vertical sunshades with arbitrary slant by graphically specifying start and end point. You can also use the plugin to create wall claddings, weatherboards, group of beams for roofs or slabs, wood pavings, sunshade coverings and any other use you can imagine with repetitive extruded elements.

A video in the “Video & User guides” section show the correct usage of the plugin.

Con questo oggetto è possibile creare facilmente (specificando graficamente punto di inizio e fine) frangisole orizzontali e verticali inclinabili a piacere, rivestimenti a listelli, weatherboard, coperture a frangisole, gruppi di travi per solai, gruppi di travi inclinate per coperture e qualsiasi altro uso immaginabile con gruppi di elementi estrusi orientabili.

Un video nella sezione “Video & User guides” spiega come usare correttamente il plugin.

*The original name was Frangisole
Post (+ video podcast) on Archoncad Blog by Jonathan Pickup (first release was known as “Frangisole”)



Profiles catalog (“Framed picture/mirror” object mode, Furniture v2.1):

This plugin allows to position with a few clicks a fairly complete parametric object that can be used to create different items of furniture. The main mode (modular object) use a particular method: you write few letters to create different furniture combinations. Check the “Video & User guides” section and youtube channel to see the plugin in action.

Questo plugin permette di posizionare con un paio di click un oggetto parametrico molto flessibile con il quale è possibile creare varie soluzioni di arredo: armadi, mensole, librerie, oggetti componibili e quadri/specchi con cornice, utilizzabili per arredare cucine, salotti e camere. La modalità principale del plugin (oggetto modulare) funziona con un metodo particolare che permette di creare differenti combinazioni scrivendo poche lettere-chiave. Il video nella sezione “Video & User guides” ed altri video nel canale youtube mostrano il plugin in azione.

  • <b>Foliage</b>


  • <b>Custom Beams</b>

    Custom Beams

  • <b>Elements</b>


  • <b>Furniture</b>


Where to buy

You can buy the plugins in the Store. Business customers purchasing through the Store are able to waive VAT charges by providing a valid VAT ID at time of purchase.

I plugin possono essere acquistati direttamente dallo Store. Per i professionisti è possibile specificare la propria partita iva al momento dell’acquisto.


Video & User guides

Furniture (ex Arredo)

Foliage (ex Siepe)

Custom Beams (ex Trave)

Elements (ex Frangisole)

Changelog & News

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Downspouts 1.3a


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2011 or higher

  • first release as free plugin


  • brackets


  • improved 2D representation (new class for sectioned downspout)


  • improved 2D representation (new class for downspout projection)
  • improved 3D pipe curves
  • improved brackets representation


  • bugfixes

Foliage 1.1


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release (replace previous “Siepe” plugin)


  • same texture can be used for different hedges (or same hedge) with different texture size
  • “experimental grass” option enhanced: can be used to insert grass + flowers

Custom Beams 1.3


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release as “Trave (Beam)”


  • use active class
  • now you can create extruded beams from 2D symbol


  • rotation can be defined by degrees or slope (gradient %)
  • duplicate option: now you can easily create group of beams

v1.3 *Vectorworks 2011 or higher

  • 7 new profiles + 1 simple (no) profile
  • “disable 2D” option (allow Auto-Hybrid function)
  • new “coverings” feature: simple panel, secondary beams and fabric

Elements 1.3


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release as “Frangisole”


  • rotate from border line
  • real 2D projection


  • no more class needed, you can set attributes from palette or from active class
  • you can set texture from “render” tab (now you can use “apply to”)
  • you can switch to “vertical mode” (elements rotate from center)
  • you can rotate the entire object
  • on 2D it’s always represented the maximun space occupied by elements, even if rotated
  • added information about distance from center to center of each element
  • automatic overlapping angle (for weatherboards): automatically detects angle for perfect overlapping


  • “Frangisole” renamed to “Elements”
  • mirror option (flip)
  • new “intersect with symbol” option (experimental)

Furniture 2.1a


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release as “Arredo”


  • use active class/palette for 2D parameters
  • new “Alternative wardrobe 2D” for “B – Modular” object

v1.2 *Vectorworks 2011 or higher

  • bugfixes
  • more control on handles
  • menu for class selection
  • show vertical lines in bookshelf (2D) object
  • mirror option (flip)


  • modular object allows for complex combinations by writing + details (top, bottom, handles, front variation)
  • 3 new 2D representations for modular object, reorganized in a single menu
  • small changes/bugfixes for bookshelf and custom bookshelf objects


  • new object mode to create framed pictures/mirrors (16 profiles). Frame thickness is parametric
  • custom bookshelf object can be rotated
  • improvements in modular object mode
    • enabling “Top” and keeping “0″ you can give front and site offset to the existing external (top) structure
    • enabling “Front variation” you can now set a “top/bottom offset” in addition to “side offset”
    • in addition to “+” and “-” now you can use “*” option to create a single door with multiple divisions


  • bug fixes
  • Downspouts <b>1.3a</b>

    Downspouts 1.3a

  • Foliage <b>1.1</b>

    Foliage 1.1

  • Custom Beams <b>1.3</b>

    Custom Beams 1.3

  • Elements <b>1.3</b>

    Elements 1.3

  • Furniture <b>2.1a</b>

    Furniture 2.1a

Free Resources

Free Resources can be downloaded directly. You can find more great resources and plugins for Vectorworks in VectorDepot website.

Le risorse gratuite presenti in questa sezione possono essere scaricate direttamente. Nel sito VectorDepot si possono scaricare ed acquistare altre risorse e plugin per Vectorworks.


1. Textures for Foliage plugin (Leaves-Flowers-Grass textures) – Download

2. Symbols for Furniture plugin (3D Handles) – Download

3. Progressive free plugin v1.1 (quick overview v1.0) – Download

4. Downspouts free plugin v1.3a (Vectorworks 2011 or higher) - Download

Coming Next

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